Community Engagement for Resilience

In tourism and conservation, the lifeline of any destination or business is the host community, when they thrive the destination and business also thrive. This is only possible when the host community is healthy i.e. informed, engaged and empowered.

AT STTA we build capacity, train and advice on best community engagement approaches for creating resilient and happy host communities.


  • Governance training & review of governance models for community conservancies

  • Organization capacity assessment (OCA) for community conservancies

  • Conservancy Management plans

  • Socio-economic survey of status of landowners / community in community conserved areas

  • Community readiness for engagement in conservation trianing

  • Review of conservancy business models

  • Conflict mediation and resolution

  • Development of management and governance tools


  • Training on the business of tourism

  • Evaluation of existing ventures

  • Organization Capacity Assessment (OCA)

  • Partnership negotiations

  • Conflict mediation & resolution