Every year in the month of June we host the Green Tourism Summit Africa.

The Green Tourism Africa is multi stakeholder event that seeks to build a common understanding of green tourism development in Africa for purposes of aligning current tourism development in the continent with sustainable development.  The summit achieves its purpose by providing a platform for all tourism stakeholders to participate in a situational analysis of tourism development in the continent and provide practical solutions to the factors that are preventing tourism in Africa to achieve sustainable growth.

The summit structure involves presentations followed by plenary sessions that are intended to bring out key and emerging issues in more details as well as generate feedback from participating delegates. The presentations are based on practical experiences and innovation by tourism organizations/ businesses/professionals in both the public and private sector, academic research papers, documented lessons as well as evaluations of initiatives and research.

The summit also plays host to the Mazingira Innovation Awards, an evidence based award program by Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda that recognizes and rewards innovation in sustainable tourism and conservation for sustainable development. The award targets accommodation facilities, grass root organizations and destinations e.g. conservancies

Check our events page for dates for the Green Tourism Summit Africa dates and call for applications for the Mazingira Innovation Awards.