Welcome to STTA Kenya

Brief Introduction

STTA is a specialist in sustainable tourism, community driven conservation, and community-based tourism. Our approach to conservation, tourism and development is guided by the principles of sustainable development. We believe in Ecologically sustainability 2) Ethically Responsible and 3) Economic viability. Since 2015, we have incorporated SDGs in our planning and evaluation work. We therefore advise, train, and provide support to companies, businesses, NGOs, governments, communities and destinations on a wide range of sustainability issues.

Mission Statement

To provide a platform for broader articulation of travel and tourism issues for protection of places and better lives for host communities.

What we Believe

We believe that good places to visit, must first and foremost be great places to live in for host communities.

Our Commitment

We conduct baseline surveys and training in conservation tourism and community development in order to foster learning, planning and management

Our Professional Team

Our team is made up of passionate individuals who have made sustainable tourism a life purpose. We therefore offer a service that is not only supported by experience, but a passion for a better tourism.

Judy Kepher Gona

Professional Background Judy is a sustainable tourism advocate, planner, advisor,

Pamella Ondiek

Profile coming soon

Job Ochieng

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