Kenyan College Students Adding their Voices to the Sustainable Tourism Agenda

Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA), a Kenyan founded sustainable tourism organisation, in celebration of 2017, the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development (IYSTD2017), has designed a campaign to get student voices heard. The campaign, dubbed IY17studentvoicesKe kicked off on 25th February 2017 and will continue until October 2017.

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Ten Habits of Award Winning Sustainable Tourism Businesses in East Africa

Ten Habits of Award Winning Sustainable Tourism Businesses in East Africa – STTA Investigates The tourism industry is awash with awards. It is equally awash with “green-washers”. Green-washers are those businesses that make false claims about their engagement in sustainable tourism practice. In most instances, third parties have not verified

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Who will save Paradise?

Tourism sells nothing short of paradise. Whether paradise is an experience or a place depends on the travellers’ perceptions. Nevertheless, this does not make paradise a perception. In real terms paradise is used to refer to pristine, unspoilt, remote places with less modernisation (development) but with modern luxury made available

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Sustainability is the New Luxury

Sustainability is the New Luxury-Tourism is a business of leisure and recreation. Therefore, quality (luxury) is a key differentiating factor between products. In this industry, excesses also define luxury. Too many tourism professionals still believe that sustainability threatens quality. They still see sustainability in terms of reducing water use, reducing

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