“Modelling a Sustainable Future for Tourism in East Africa”

The Green Tourism Summit is an annual multi-stakeholder platform, organised by Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA Kenya), to inspire action towards a sustainable Tourism Sector in East Africa. Among other objectives, the summit aims at filling a multi-stakeholder knowledge-sharing gap in sustainable tourism practice in East Africa. Several events take place around the globe, communicating to the world how these destinations care for sustainable tourism. Asia’s annual Ecotourism Conference organized by the Asia Ecotourism Network, South America’s P3 Conference, and Southern Africa’s ,  RETOSA led, regional sustainable tourism conference among others. Europe benefits from several conferences organized by universities and trade fairs. ITB Berlin and WTM UK incorporate strong discussion forums on Sustainable Tourism. West Africa has the annual ICRT conference. East Africa lacked a signature event that communicates her commitment to sustainability in tourism.

Our approach to addressing this gap was to bring together tourism professionals, government, private and non-government organizations in tourism and conservation, tourism operators, policy makers as well as students in East Africa to a common knowledge sharing platform, to discuss important matters concerning tourism and conservation and where they would to come up with practical solutions that contribute to sustainable development. Knowledge from the summit is then shared in the form of publications and summit proceedings reports to the rest of the public to serve as reference points for learning institutions and developers.


Incorporated in the Green Tourism Summit are the Mazingira Innovation Awards (Formerly Mazingira Awards). These awards recognize community level interventions aimed at promoting sustainable development. It is our way of appreciating the role of communities and indigenous knowledge in transforming the lives of people and ecosystems for a sustainable future.

The award has three objectives:

Encourage local community participation in sustainable development by promoting the integration of indigenous knowledge, nature based solutions and other innovative approaches in mitigating negative impacts on the environment and in addressing climate change.

Promote protection of urban green spaces- green spaces in cities are threatened by development and lack of appreciation by residents. This award hope to raise awareness on challenges, encourage resident participation in protection of green spaces and finally protect the spaces through innovative sustainable approaches

Promote innovations in waste management in hotels/lodges in protected areas- Most protected areas do not have centralized systems for management of waste. Lodges are struggling. In the meantime, contamination continues.

The Award has one open application category and one closed application category with several thematic areas.

Award Categories

Green Innovative Practices by CBOs/CFAs in (Open)

  • Energy management
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Environmental rehabilitation & restoration
  • Community Environmental Education/awareness Programs
  • Integrated livelihood program

Green Innovative Practices in Tourism (Hotels Lodges) focusing on the following areas (Closed)

  • Waste management
  • Water conservation




The awards also include seed funding to upscale the winning projects in the CBO category. Winners in tourism category win two free sustainability training sessions of STTA training modules.

The Awards are open to;

  • Community Based Organizations/ Community Forest Associations
  • Hotels and Lodges operating in protected areas



The 3rd Regional Green Tourism Summit

Theme: “Sustainable Tourism and The Sustainable Development Goals: New Challenge or Opportunity?”

The 3rd Regional Green Tourism Summit to be held on 13th to 15th June 2017 will be special event. It will be a discussion of tourism from a broader perspective. Beyond the traditional people, planet and prosperity, to include peace and partnership for sustainable development. It will seek to find answers on whether tourism is ready to meeting the expectations of the Sustainable Development Goals and and delivering on some aspects on the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development.

The summit will also seek to come up with a practical and binding solution, an East Africa Sustainable Tourism Development Charter, that will show and guide East Africa’s  commitment to becoming a sustainable tourism destination. Read more

What would you like to be included in the East Africa Sustainable Tourism Development Charter? Participate in its development by submitting your views and opinions here or send us an email to

To participate in the development of the East Africa Sustainable Tourism Charter, click here

Past Green Tourism Summits

1st Regional Green Tourism Summit and Mazingira Awards

2nd Regional Green Tourism Summit and Mazingira Awards