We manage, lead and collaborate for delivery different projects in sustainable tourism, community led tourism, conservation and sustainable

Tourism Excellence Uganda

STTA is the local partner for the Tourism Excellence Uganda.  Financially supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), “Tourism Excellence Uganda” is a partnership program of 5 European & Africa partners that aims to promote quality and sustainability standards and to support the development of new responsible products in the tourism industry in Uganda.

Airbnb Africa Academy

STTA is the local partner for the Africa Airbnb Academy in Kenya.  Africa Airbnb Academy is an initiative by Airbnb aimed at creating and securing livelihoods for local communities across Africa by empowering them with skills, tools and market access for hosting and offering enjoyable sustainable tourism experiences.

Conservation and Livelihoods Research

STTA has been involved in impact research that informs performance of conservation and livelihood linked projects in the Mara that are supported by Basecamp foundation Kenya. Some of the impact research activities have included assessment of conservancies on community development; Conservancy governance and management effectiveness; Impact of tourism to conservation and livelihoods; Impacts of Covid-19 on Land owner communities in the Mara Ecosystem.

Protected Area Governance and Management Support

STTA has participated in different roles while supporting the strengthening for effectiveness multiple conservancy governance and management projects like;

  1. Siana Conservancy Management Plan. STTA was the consultant for development of the Siana Conservancy Management Plan. Siana conservancy is a private community owned wildlife protected area in Masai Mara, Kenya.
  2. Conservancy Governance Training. STTA has been engaged as training consultants by Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association where we developed a governance training tool for community conservancies and trained landowner conservancy boards in 12 conservancies in Masai Mara, Kenya. Link
  3. Conservancy Leadership & Sustainability Training. STTA and Mara Training Center worked collaboratively between 2016-2018 to train conservancies leaders from Masai Mara , Amboseli and Tanzania on sustainable development approach to conservancy development.

Sus-Tour Kenya

STTA served as Local Experts for Centre for Sustainable Consumption and production (CSCP- Germany) in delivery of this project by leading research, tool development and program oversight.The Sus-Tour project was 3 year project that aimed at Enhancing sustainable tourism innovation for community empowerment in Kenya.