Research, Documenting and Communication

Your success depends your understanding of your business environment. We understand this and this is why research is the cornerstone of all the work that we do. At STTA we do research to support evidence based strategic thinking and sound approaches for positive people, planet & profit impacts in tourism and conservation.  We also help you in documenting and communicating your people and planet impacts.


  • Socio-economic survey of status of landowners /community in community conserved areas

  • Environmental impact analysis of operations within a protected area


  • Statistical trends in tourism development

  • Visitor travel behaviors, destination perceptions and attitudes

  • Economic analysis

  • Strategy modeling

  • Resource consumption audits


  • Resource efficiency reporting

  • Waste management reporting

  • Community investment reporting

  • Sustainability reporting

Most Significant Challenges Facing People Living With Wildlife

  • Insufficient Grass
  • Private Fencing
  • Conflict With Neighbours Over NR
  • Conflict With Wildlife

Energy Sources: Eco Labeled Lodges