STTA has two mentorship programs;

Student Internship program

The Student Internship for introducing undergraduate university students undertaking tourism, community development and conservation related courses to the business environment. The program’s main objective is to acquaint the student to the concepts of sustainability in the business environment and build their skills and knowledge capacity  to solve challenging problems in an ever dynamic sector. The program takes students each quarter of a calendar year.

Inter-University Student Seminars on Sustainable Tourism

The Student seminars on sustainable tourism are monthly seminars by STTA that are aimed at engaging university students in constructive dialogue on sustainability in tourism development. We believe the knowledge acquired from these forums as well as the innovative ideas from students will not only strengthen the students’ understanding, but will feed into other national and international dialogues for transforming tourism into a key sector for sustainable development.

Topics of discussions are proposed from global events, national events, students proposal or faculty proposal. Students are expected to submit full paper essays after every forum they participate in. The student with the best essay is awarded a prize for their efforts and their essay is published in our publication, the Sustainable Tourism East Africa Report

The seminars are held on the last Saturday of every month and are hosted by partner universities upon request.

Check our  events page for the next seminar.