19th-21st June 2018

Nyeri, Kenya


Every year in the month of June Sustainable Travel and Tourism Agenda and other partners host the Green Tourism Summit Africa.
The Green Tourism Africa is multi stakeholder event that seeks to build a common understanding of green tourism development in Africa. The purpose is for supporting the aligning tourism and conservation in the continent with sustainable development. The summit achieves its purpose by providing a platform for all tourism and conservation stakeholders to participate in a situational analysis and provide practical solutions to the factors that are preventing tourism and conservation in Africa from achieving sustainable growth.

Theme 1: Luxury and sustainability in the hospitality Sector

Theme 2: Ethical issues and sustainability in the tourism sector

Theme 3: Sustainability and Destination competitiveness

Speaker Registration procedure

  1. Fill the speaker registration form and submit to

  2. Submit 500 word abstract of your selected topic of presentation to

  3. Send your 200-word bio and a high resolution portrait image of yourself

  4. Present your sustainability story/ a sustainability and inspire change

  5. N/B The summit highly appreciates case study/evidence based/ test result researched presentations

*All speakers are required to meet their own accommodation and or transport costs*. Contact Paula of Uniglobe Lets Go Travel for accommodation arrangements and summit tours

*Group travel to venue offered on the 18th of June 2018. Meeting point ABC place, 7.00 am

For more information;Email

Call: +254705283658/+254718127557