Tourism SMEs Program

SMEs Stabilization and Acceleration


STTA and University of Brighton has partnered to support sustainability and resilience of tourism MSMEs in Kenya in the wake of the significant impacts of covid-19 pandemic on travel and tourism. The partnership builds capacity of tourism MSMEs in Kenya, under the membership of Tour Operators Society of Kenya (TOSK), to adapt to changing situations while supporting creation of sustainable tourism value chains that favor progressive MSMEs growth. Together, STTA and the University of Brighton have been holding sustainable tourism webinars, carrying out research and sourcing for funding for the benefit of tourism MSMEs in Kenya.

Support Tools

Customized Webinars

Webinar outline

  • Crisis in perspective
  • Introduction to crisis communication
  • Communication steps for improving responses

Webinar outline

  • Crisis and risk responses
  • Risk proofing and resilience building for tourism business

Webinar outline

  • What does restart mean?
  • Emerging indicators for a restart
  • Road map to a restart

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Survey

In collaboration with the University of Brighton and with the support of TOSK, STTA carried out a survey to understand the challenges of tourism MSMEs in Kenya pre covid-19 and during covid-19. The aim of the survey was to understand challenges faced by tourism MSMEs Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in Kenya and how these challenges affected their ability to withstand and adapt to changing situations in tourism, including shocks like covid-19. The survey was carried out from July 2020 and the report expected to be released in November 2020. Findings from the survey will be used to design resilience and sustainability support programs that will benefit tourism MSMEs under the membership of Tour Operator Society of Kenya (TOSK).

Customized Trainings

We offer customised training for SMEs directly and through partnerships to build capacity for resilience. Areas of interest include sustainable tourism strategy, market access, product development, online presence, and communication among others. In 2019, through a partnership with CBI- Netherlands, we offered customised training to 120 SMEs in Kenya on Market Access, with focus on how to access European consumers. These SMEs are now in the CBI database and can access more training material.

Impact so Far

Since start of the initiative 177 tourism MSMEs  have received training on market access, crisis communication; crisis responses and techniques for resilience building; and preparing for tourism restart. The SMEs also benefitted from business tools to guide integration of learnings from these trainings into actual business strategies.

The training and business tools have been enriched by the expertise of both STTA, University of Brighton and CBI Netherlands. This has ensured that the tourism MSMEs receive quality support. Results from the survey will be used by both organization to improve existing tools and design new, enhanced and fit for purpose support systems for the tourism MSMES initiatives.

Program Partners