STTA is a consulting company committed to supporting sustainability of tourism destinations and businesses.

We provide innovative strategies to increase
both performance and value for organisations

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We believe that sustainable tourism is a value-based management and delivery system that contributes sustainable destination development. It is anchored on constructive knowledge of place, right environmental values, appropriate skills, equable investments, favorable and inclusive policies, responsible consumption and production, relevant & continuous learning, fair partnerships, respect for all and equal opportunities.

Building resilient host communities

Every time tourism numbers increase, there are consequences for host communities. Optimising positive consequences and opportunities for host communities requires deliberate planning to make tourism more inclusive, diverse and equitable
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Sustainable Tourism Coaching and Training for Tourism Businesses

Businesses lose out on opportunities of being sustainable or risk their reputation through greenwashing because they fail to appreciate that there is a method involved in being a responsible operator.

Managing Sustainable Tourism Projects

Today programs for sustainable tourism development are multi-organization programs, requiring coordination and independent oversight.
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MSME Acceleration Program

Medium Small & Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) in Tourism face a myriad of challenges, from barriers to market entry and access, to risk mitigation and limited capital and resources to build resilience.

Sustainability Assessment for Attractions

The demand for sustainability accountability is growing. It is the best way to assure business partners, financiers, travellers, shareholders, and society, that need third-party assurance/verification of sustainability claims.
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Youth Mentorship (STTA Young Change Makers)

Tourism operates in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. Rush to complete curriculum and limited time available in school schedules, limits students’ opportunities to keep up with current issues in tourism.



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" STTA are reliable partners in governance training of Masai Mara Wildlife Conservancies”