Tourism and Covid-19: Stage of Tourism Growth in Africa

Will the stage of tourism growth in Africa affect its restart strategy?

Tourism restart strategy will be informed by what stage of development a country was at pre-COVID-19. Walt Rostow’s growth lens has four key developmental stages; pretakeoff, take off, drive to maturity, and stage of mass consumption. Countries and destinations in Africa were at different stages of development, in terms of tourism growth pre-COVID-19.

These stages benefit a number of issues in development, and common merit in the perspective of tourism in Africa is that countries can enjoy tourism-led growth as this contributes to local economies. The expansion of international tourism over the years has catalyzed economic growth countries in Africa where tourism is among the leading Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contributors.

Destinations and countries may follow a linear path through Rostow’s growth stages, with variations on time spend on each. However, restart for tourism post-COVID-19 crisis will need a stronger commitment to values for sustainable growth, to supplement a renewed motion in the linearity of economic growth portrayed in Rostow’s growth lens. This means embarking on a search for shared value, as countries journey through tourism growth that benefits the economy.