International Day for Biological Diversity

Saving of Our lives Through investing in Biodiversity

As young change makers we have the mantle, a responsibility of ensuring that the biodiversity protection and conservation is highly enhanced simply its easier we have the idea of what biodiversity means and the impacts we are going to directly face as a result of the deterioration and depreciation of our flora and fauna… According to me,protection of our Biodiversity is saving our own lives on that;

1) Plants are essential producers of oxygen gas into the environment which greatly support the existence of human beings and other animals on the planet. With high tree covers, we are guaranteed of fresh air always through the intake of the carbon dioxide from excreted by the animals from the environment and it release oxygen which is a beneficial gas to all human beings and animals into the environment.

2)Trees also are main attractors of rain across the world, during the transpiration process, they releases moisture into the environment which in turn condenses and falling back as rainfall. The rain water is used used by humans to grow other various kinds of crops thus helping the to make their ends meet either through their sales or domestic consumption… A good number of people living around the forested areas can testify this… An example of deforestation on the rain patterns of a place is what has been experienced around the Maasai Mara region (The drying of the Mara river) over the past years due to the continuous deforestation of of the thick Mau hills forests cover, this has greatly affected the the rain patterns of that highland in turn affecting directly the water levels of the Mara River thus the wildlife around the Maasai Mara and Serengeti national parks in Kenya and Tanzania respectively facing a greater challenge. This has also affected the tourism activities around the region which directly and negatively impacts the local Maasai who depends on both local and international tourism related businesses.

3.)Thirdly, protection of animals is important to our existence because we all know that wildlife tpurism is a major source of tourist attraction.for example the the Kenyan Big 5 are the major attraction of tourists to Kenya as a tourist Destination as far are wildlife tourism is concerned. With the declining of such species, the tourism activities are likely to decline with higher margins . In the recent past, the Kenyan wildlife has exposed to greater risks due to increased demand of their products both by the local and international markets.For example, in Kenya currently the Elephants, Rhinos, are at greater risk of being poached for their tusks and horns…Very sad that the rare species of white giraffes which were a bg attraction on in one of our attractions in Northern Eastern Kenya were poached by unknown people, such acts promotes the decline of tourism activities to such places which could be opened to other parts of the world.

4)Also shifting our focus to the plants and animals we domesticate in our homes, we’re able to survive through them because they’re sources of our meals for example meat, milk, fruits , grains , vegetables and many others… We may also sell the surplus of these products and earn some cash to be spend on other needs such as medication and education. I therefore term biodiversity protection as protection of human beings existence too.
With many other reasons therefore i come into conclusion that through the protection and conservation of our Biodiversity, we directly protect and save our lives.

#Protect, save and conserve Biodiversity today, for the direct existence of our future.

By Kenwel Kisia Menya

Young Sustainable Tourism Champion and Change Maker

Machakos University

22nd May 2020