BREAKING News- Gona Judy announced as recipient of 2020 legacy in responsible travel award by CREST

September 28th 2020

The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) has named Judy Kepher Gona, the 2020 recipient of the second Martha Honey Legacy in Responsible Travel Award. Judy is our founding Director at Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA), and our entire team celebrates this recognition. On receiving the award, Judy explained that “Until the story behind tourism numbers becomes a story of pride for host/ resident communities and optimism for the environment, the benefits of tourism will not work for rural development. Tourism must be receptive to development, especially in rural Africa. We must continue to create awareness for alternative success stories in tourism that are beneficial for equality and ecological sustainability.”

The inaugural award was made last year at the 2019 World Tourism Forum on Impact Travel, held in Washington, DC, to Dr. Martha Honey to honor her incredible leadership and accomplishments in responsible travel. At that time the Board and staff of CREST decided to make this an annual award from the CREST Board of Directors to someone in the global tourism industry felt to be making a significant difference in pushing the envelope in responsible travel. CREST announced the 2020 award in Judy’s honor on World Tourism Day, Sunday, September 27, 2020.

Judy’s long legacy of work with a number of organizations demonstrates concretely how to “transform the way the world travels” so that host communities, the country, conservation, the environment, and the traveler all benefit. Her on-the-ground work in ecotourism, certification, women’s empowerment, and community-led wildlife conservancies provide both concrete examples of the principles CREST espouses, as well as a legacy of successful endeavors that are influencing sustainable tourism work across Africa, and beyond.

Judy founded STTA in 2013. STTA is an expert in sustainability of tourism, providing solutions for destination support in Africa. This support includes advisory services for tourism development strategy, tourism research consultancy, and sustainability training. STTA commits to using its knowledge platform and networks to support tourism professionals put sustainability into practice.

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