Eco Adventures ltd receives sustainability qualification recognition by STTA

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Nairobi, Kenya


17th November 2020

Eco Adventures Ltd has received STTA qualification for sustainable tourism. The Eco Conscious tourism company was awarded Sustainability Passport on 17th November 2020, in a briefing attended by its staff, who were part of the qualification journey that involved a series of workshops, assessments and practical exercises in 2019.

The qualification recognition by STTA Kenya is a premier practical system targeting transformation of company identity to reflect and live by values for sustainable tourism. It underpins a methodology for each tourism business to incorporate sustainability into daily operations. Particularly, the qualification process equips businesses with tools to work out improvement areas for enhanced sustainability impacts.  Businesses are thus able to track or measure impact, report, and communicate their sustainability performance. This qualification program is steadily generating interest from value-based tourism businesses in the region.

Judy Kepher Gona, Executive Director of STTA, who handed the qualification award to Eco Adventures team said “We are proud to present this qualification to Eco Adventures team, an excellent example of a company taking every opportunity to be fluent in sustainability. We congratulate every team member for this early success and remain available to work together for building tourism forward.”

Elizabeth Safari of Eco Adventures expressed satisfaction in the coaching program saying “We got valuable lessons that we applied to help our company survive in these challenging times. We would be out of business if we hadn’t strengthened our organization through the STTA coaching program. Even before COVID-19 induced tourism crisis, we were responsive to change, devoted to outcomes, and prepared for uncertainties. We have thus been able to engage and maintain relationships to pull the business forward.”

STTA offers professional support to destinations and businesses for leadership in sustainable tourism. Full details about STTA tools for destination support program can be found at

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