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We provide solutions that bridge the gap between tourism aspirations, host community needs and environmental protection.

Our vision

To model a sustainable future for Africa’s tourism

Our mission

Our mission is to help people and places grow their businesses, develop sustainably and create positive impacts.  We will work with you to make this happen.

How we work

STTA Consulting is a sustainable tourism consulting powerhouse. STTA supports tourism businesses and destinations to better understand their sustainability status and what the future will look like for the business or destination including challenges, risks and opportunities. We support businesses and destinations make better decisions about their management and development and therefore supporting them to become more sustainable, successful and profitable.

We use our management, research, and market analysis skills to help clients and partners to improve their competitive position in the marketplace, minimise risk and create value for people and planet. This is what makes us sucessful.

We advise clients and partners on how they can plan for, deal with and respond to change as it occurs in their industry or market. We also provide information exchange services to help clients understand and use the latest research on tourism and its impact on business, culture, economies, communities

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