Developing Benchmarking Tools
for Sustainable Tourism

Kenya did not have a guideline to support sustainable management of micro-destinations and this impacted on country competitiveness, stability of micro-destinations and creation of shared value for all.

Sustainable Tourism benchmarking improves value and competitiveness of a destination and tourism companies and products/services. Many destinations and micro-destinations within destinations within a country or regions do have credible benchmarking tools

STTA consulted for different organizations in development of benchmarking tools. Among tools developed are Kenya’s first green destination guidelines, support for development of Responsible Tourism Awards in Tanzania,  design and management of Africa Tourism Leadership Awards and review/design of Kenya Eco-warrior Awards among others.


Destination sustainability is important not only for competitiveness but for supporting achievement of sustainable development goals in a country. Destinations require frameworks to guide private and public stakeholders in managing tourism responsibly for the benefit of local communities, biodiversity, visitors, and tourism investor.


STTA is competent in multiple stakeholder mobilization for development of sustainable tourism benchmarking and recognition tools and programs. Through primary and secondary research we develop benchmarking tools aligned to global standards.


The Green Destination guidelines were piloted and are now being rolled out in Kenya. Tanzania launched its Responsible Tourism Awards and STTA was chief judge in the inaugural Awards. STTA has been co-chair of ATLF awards since inception in 2017.

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