Your Journey Toward’s Sustainability in Tourism & Conservation Starts With Us

STTA believes that good places to visit, must first and foremost be great places to live in for host communities.

We consult on integrating sustainability in tourism and conservation operations and processes for private sector businesses, governments, ngos, destination managers, community driven initiatives and academic institutions.



We train and coach businesses to integrate sustainability into organizational processes

We support establishment and transformation of destinations into green destinations

We train communities on good governance and leadership in management of jointly owned natural resources for stable, secure and resilient communities

We provide enabling platforms for engaging and learning so that you can practice and become a sustainable practitioner

We support responsible product communication that tells the story of the destination

Our History

In 2013, STTA was founded by Judy Kepher-Gona as an organisation that uses education, research and training to advocate for speedier uptake of sustainable tourism in Kenya. This is because sustainability in tourism was the only opportunity to save “paradise’. Since then the organization has grown into a sustainable tourism and conservation consulting firm with a client base covering the entire East Africa Region.

In 2015, the organization launched the Sustainable Tourism East Africa Report, a publication for the East African Region to share knowledge and best practices. In the same year STTA started the  Green Tourism Summit-Africa and Mazingira Innovation Awards. 

We have a team of passionate individuals with the right experience and knowledge in sustainable tourism development, conservation and community development who are committed to being part of your success. Their passion and your purpose is to create a better tomorrow by putting sustainability into practice.

Our Founding Director

Judy Kepher-Gona

Judy is a sustainable Tourism Advisor, coach & Consultant with over 20 years experience of working with the tourism sector, communities and conservation.

Her expertise, passion, and commitment have seen her serve in several profiled positions. At global and regional level, she has served in advisory Board of The international Ecotourism Society (TIES) for more than 5 years, served as board of Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and was part of conceptualisation of Africa Sustainable Tourism Alliance together with Fair Trade Tourism South Africa (FTTSA). In Kenya, she serves as Director at African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) and Trustee of Basecamp Foundation Kenya (BCFK).


Research & Field Courses Coordinator

Job is the head of research and field courses coordinator at Sustainable Travel and Tourism. He has majored in sustainable tourism development and natural resources management.Job is one of the members of the green destination ambassadors.



Pamella is currently the Administrator at STTA, with over 6 years of experience in management and administration from different organizations. Pamella is endowed with skills in handling all types of administration undertakings. Also with diverse experience in research from various designs; Applied, Basic and Action both on Social and Economic Surveys


Training Associate

Moses prides himself as the Environmental Evangelist of this generation. He works with Africa Nature Organization as the Executive Director. He is an expert in Sustainable environment and natural resource management for improved conservation and community livelihoods in Africa.


Associate Researcher & Trainer

Lucy is a tourism researcher and and an Eco linguistic (Green Language) specialist. Her research interests are on climate change policy, eco tourism, and environmental communication.
Published research in Journal of Tourism and Hospitality research, journal of environment and policy. She is also a lecturer

Live Our Quest For A Sustainable Future

To make sustainability everyone’s business by working with stakeholders in tourism and conservation to ensure that sustainability practices are engendered and streamlined in their ventures now and in the future.

Live Our Vision

Tourism and conservation sectors sustainably utilizing the continents resources to support thriving communities, thriving planet and thriving businesses in Africa

Live Our Commitment

Every action counts. No time to waste. NOW is the best TIME to change attitudes and practices in tourism and conservation towards sustainability

Live Our Values

Thriving People
Thriving Planet
Thriving Business

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