> Enhanced sustainable management capacities of conservancies

Market access and sustainable operations was a challenge for tourism businesses in Uganda, especially for those that relied on international tourism markets

STTA, under the Tourism Excellence Uganda Project, partnered with TourCert Germany, Uganda Tour Operators Association and Uganda Hotel Owners Association to support over 100 tourism businesses in Uganda in integrating sustainability into their operations.


The biggest challenge for Uganda tourism businesses was integrating sustainable tourism best practices into business operations. In a fast changing tourism environment where governments, visitors, local community and business partners demand accountability and responsibility from tourism businesses, the tourism businesses in Uganda were faced with competitiveness and continuity challenges.


Aligning the tourism business operations with sustainability requirements was key to achieving sustainable tourism development in Uganda. This could be achieved through aligning all other business operations with sustainability, and was done in various ways; from supporting creation of integrated quality management systems, sustainable procurement policies and building capacity of key staff in leading sustainability in the business among others.


Over 100 tourism businesses in Uganda benefited for the Tourism Excellence Uganda project in 2019. The businesses are in various stages of receiving sustainability certification.


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