Medium Small & Micro Enterprises (MSMEs) in Tourism face a myriad of challenges, from barriers to market entry and access, to risk mitigation and limited capital and resources to build resilience. These challenges inhibit their integration into the supply chain, hence their growth; eventually exposing MSMEs to all kinds of risks. Lack of sustainability knowledge and practice is one of the risks, as it limits MSMEs’ ability to access the fast-growing segment of responsible travelers.


MSMEs we provide acceleration solutions for:



Tour Operator

Experience creators

Travel Agents

Community Tourism Enterprises


  • Our MSME accelerator program offers a wide range of learning, growth and resilience building opportunities for MSMEs, anchored on sustainability. These include:

    • Short training modules on crisis management.
    • A foundational course on Sustainable Tourism;
    • workshops on Accessing Markets;
    • Business Development Services for CBTEs e.g. Airbnb

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