Heritage should be preserved for future generation, not only historical heritage but heritage that happens today that have significance for the future. Sustainable Travel and Tourism Africa has a strong appreciation for heritage and promotion of heritage. As a result of this, we received a life size drawing of Satao, one of the largest elephants in the world that roamed Tsavo East National Park, to commemorate the 10th anniversary since his death in May 2014. This drawing began in 2015 in Japan by a renowned animal pencil artist, Nobuyo Funabiki (Vicky), and it took one year to complete. The drawings are composed of two anterior pieces of Satao, one showing the trunk and flaps (as pictured above) and the other half being the skeleton of Satao, a symbol of his death. Since it’s completion, the pieces have been exhibited in various cities in Japan, including the capital city, and won numerous awards. Nobuyo’s artwork is focused on endangered animals and she hopes to spread awareness  about the  preservation of the African forest elephant. During the transfer of ownership, the Executive Director of STTA, Judy Gona, emphasized on the importance of being at the frontline of advocating for heritage and cultural  tourism. She further emphasized on the place of creatives in the tourism industry, especially culture and heritage.

Through, the artwork, donations have been made to the Tsavo Trust and Sheldrick Wildlife trust to assist in conservation efforts.

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