Community, Culture and Heritage

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Tourism development and business activities linked to community development, culture and heritage often fail because of failure to critically assess issues surrounding tourism’s interactions with communities, culture, built and material heritage and the management strategies available for the creation of shared value.

Clients we offer our communities, culture and heritage services to:

Development organizations
Private and Community Tourism Enterprises
Policy and Destination Managers

Solutions we provide

  • Business Development Services for CBTEs
  • Culture and heritage sites management plans
  • Training on working with communities for sustainable tourism
  • Evaluation of the range of cultural heritage tourism resources at a destination and the potential markets and distribution mechanisms appropriate to their development for tourism
  • Analysis and reporting of of experience of visitors and host communities, and the consequences of the interaction between them
  • Assessment and reporting on the visitor management and conservation issues at cultural and heritage tourism sites and provide management strategies


Publications on tourism, communities, culture and heritage

Climate change is not a dormant risk for women in Tourism in Sub Saharan Africa

The world is still far behind on gender equality issues related to climate change. This single fact replicates exclusion on many aspects that are important in the lives of women and girls in view of development. For a sector like tourism, which is behind climate change research by about 10 years, there could be serious

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