Sustainability Assessment for Attractions / Destinations and Tourism Companies

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The demand for sustainability accountability is growing. It is the best way to assure business partners, financiers, travelers, shareholders, and society, that need third-party assurance/verification of sustainability claims. It is a methodical approach whose output can be an award, eco-label, certification, or a plan for building truly sustainable operations. STTA has experience in conducting sustainability assessment

Who we provide the assessment services

Tour Operators
Travel Agents
Destination Management/Marketing Organizations/Companies
Community Based Tourism Enterprises
Accommodation Service Providers


  • Sustainability assessment for awards/certification
  • Sustainability reports for destinations
  • Sustainability reports for businesses
  • Awards design and management
  • Development of sustainable tourism destination/business guidelines


  • Kenya Sustainable Tourism Report 2016 and 2021
  • Kenya Green Destination Guidelines
  • Certification assessments for 3 global certification schemes
  • Mara Conservancies Tourism and Conservation livelihood impact reports
  • Kenya Tourism MSMEs Covid-19 Impact assessment report

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