Youth Mentorship (STTA Young Change Makers)

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Tourism operates in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. Rush to complete curriculum and limited time available in school schedules, limits students’ opportunities to keep up with current issues in tourism. In particular, less attention is given to sustainable tourism and emerging issues

The STTA Changemakers program is a youth mentorship program that offers flexible, alternative learning spaces focusing on current issues that are important in shaping a sustainable future for tourism. These spaces ground youth in sustainable tourism foundations and encourage critical thinking for the next generation of tourism professionals in Africa.

Who the youth mentorship program works with

Public sector
Private sector
Non Government Organizations
Tourism professionals


  • Product watch – students are exposed to sustainability assessment of attractions, adventures, MICE, and all tourism experiences and value reporting.
  • Seminars/ dialogues– students engage in scheduled interactive inter-university debates/dialogues on topical issues in sustainable tourism and write reports from the seminars
  • Problem Solving Internships – Students are placed in institutions or at STTA Kenya with clear assignments to contribute to addressing a particular issue for the organization
  • CBTE mentorship– students are offered an opportunity to mentor a Community-Based Tourism Enterprise to clearly define a product, access market, develop promotion information, improve online presence and enter the supply chain.



  • Annual Rising stars Awards for outstanding contributions to advancing practice and knowledge of sustainability in tourism
  • Fellowship – (coming soon)- Postgraduate studies and placements support for outstanding Rising Stars who continue to champion sustainable tourism through research, students

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