Judy Kepher GonaFounder & Lead consultant (STTA)

areas of expertise
  • Community development
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Community based natural resource management
  • In 2018, Women Academics in Tourism (WAIT) recognized Judy among top 50 awesome scholars in tourism. In 2019, she was awarded the Sustainable Citizen Award by Forbes Woman Africa in recognition of outstanding contribution to awareness and knowledge of sustainability in tourism in Africa and beyond. In 2020, Centre for Responsible Tourism awarded a lifetime achievement award for her contribution to sustainable tourism. In the same year she was named amongst 40 global shakers in sustainable tourism.

Judy Kepher Gona is a sustainable development practitioner with over two decades of working in sustainable tourism in Africa as a manager, strategist, researcher, lecturer, global speaker, motivator and consultant. Her interests are in sustainable tourism strategy and design, particularly inclusion, equity, supply chain sustainability, sustainability assessment and accountability through reporting

Judy founded Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda-(STTA) to equip, enable, and empower tourism practitioners and destinations to thrive by designing value led organisations with sustainability as the foundation.

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