ITS OFFICIAL! We are pleased to share that we have officially embarked on a journey to understand our footprint by launching our first Climate Action Plan. This plan is our climate accountability document that aims to reduce our footprint by 50% by 2030. The climate action plan is a public document that can be accessed using this link:

The purpose of this Climate Action Plan is to reinforce our dedication to tourism resilience. Having operated in  Kenya for close to a decade, and cumulative experience of more than 25 years in the sector, we’ve seen climate
change impacts unfold in the industry thus making us cognizant of the very real threat it poses to tourism in our region and the world.

As a consultancy serving the tourism sector, we acknowledge our responsibility to lead by example and support our clients in adopting climate friendly tourism models. This plan outlines our willingness to understand our emissions sources and make a commitment to reduce them while leveraging our expertise to drive the transition throughout the broader tourism community.

We will achieve this by offering our advisory services, assisting our clients in setting their own emission reduction targets, investing in the knowledge and skills of our employees to become climate champions, committing to transparently report our progress in achieving the objectives outlined in this Climate Action Plan and regularly communicating our efforts to promote accountability.

Finally, we will actively collaborate to influence policy changes that support a low-carbon tourism transition in Africa.



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