We offer a variety of training courses delivered in 4 parts each. See training courses below. The training course are suitable for all private and public sector tourism organisations and other related sectors like wildlife conservation and community development in tourism. In particular they are designed for:

  • Top and middle level management driving the sustainability agenda in organisations

  • Marketing and communications staff in tourism companies,

  • Policy making and regulatory organisations

  • Officials of destination marketing and destination management organisations

  • Community officers in tourism and conservation organisations

  • Sustainability managers in tourism and hospitality

Foundations of Sustainable Tourism

This course provides business tools to change tourism to sustainable direction, with impactful outcomes for development. You get to understand quality management perspective of tourism based on foundation knowledge on the concept of sustainable tourism.

Unit 1: Sustainable tourism principles and approaches

Build sustainability into business culture. Learn how to be able to set up basic systems / structures for building sustainability into organizational culture.

Unit 2: Sustainable tourism best practices

Operate sustainably. Learn how to independently guide the development of organizational/ business processes and structures that fit within sustainability best practices.

Unit 3: Sustainable tourism bench-marking

Prepare for accreditation & certification. Learn how to organize information on sustainability interventions to effectively apply for certification and awards.

Unit 4: Sustainable Development Goals & Sustainable Tourism

Align objectives to Sustainable development goals. Learn how to develop programs to support select SDGs in the organization and monitor their impact

Working With Communities

This course explores how tourism professionals, collaborate with local communities and other organizations for tourism development. The course provides some theoretical overviews, and delves much to practical insights, sharing reliable strategies to enhance successes of community-based initiatives in tourism.

Unit 1: Host Community engagement & principles of community engagement

Differentiate between working with communities as opposed to working for communities. Work with communities to identify right projects based on desired outcomes and also avoid “big nothings”.

Unit 2: Successful community engagement process and best practices

Learn how to apply participatory community engagement approaches to achieve community buy-in and ownership in community programs and projects.

Unit 3: Overcoming Community engagement challenges & utilizing opportunities

Learn how to anticipate and mitigate conflict in community initiatives and also design and manage traveler associated programs to raise funds for community projects.

Unit 4: Successfully Evaluating community engagement activities

Learn how to conduct socio-economic surveys and best approaches for each survey. Develop M&E tools and write M&E reports for program stakeholders

Documenting, Reporting & Communicating of Sustainability

This course focuses on supporting sharing of sustainability performance of companies, with both internal & external audiences. You get practical tips to guide transparency & accountability, for improving relationships with clients & investors.

Unit 1: An introduction to documenting, reporting & communicating sustainability

Differentiate between documenting, reporting & communication. Identify who are the stakeholders addressed in sustainability reports and what are their concerns to be addressed in sustainability reports.

Unit 2: Reporting sustainability best practices

Learn about globally approved reporting frameworks and learn how to design a sustainability impact reporting frame for your specific stakeholders.

Unit 3: Sustainability practices impact communication approaches

Creating your identity. Learn how to set up organizational ecosophy and statements of significance to help communicate values to your stakeholder. Differentiate between marketing products vs promoting values

Unit 4: Communicating organization’s Contribution to Sustainable Development

Learn how to develop sustainability tools and systems that will help your organization to effectively document, report and communicate contribution to sustainable development

Sustainability Coaching

Our sustainable tourism qualification coaching packages are designed to integrate sustainability into management systems from top down and across. These packages are suited for businesses or destination management organizations that are going for sustainable tourism certification. Our wide range of coaching packages can be customized to fit your business model. To get the right package for you, contact with the Subject: Coaching Package

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