Enhanced sustainable management capacities of conservancies

Good governance and sustainable management are sustainable development practices that many conservancies are not yet able to achieve. This has led to conflicts among stakeholders and collapse of conservancies

STTA ahs over the years partnered with development organizations, conservancies and conservancy associations to support good governance and sustainable management of conservancies with positive results.


Balancing conservation objectives, social justice objectives and sustainable development objectives has been no easy task for conservancies in Kenya. These challenges have often led to ineffectiveness of conservancies and collapse of many because of conflicting interests among stockholders, poor governance, conflicting land use practices and mismanagement.


STTA has supported development of conservancy strategies, building capacity of conservancy stakeholders on good governance and sustainable management as well as assessing the impact of conservancy strategies on conservation, people development and business development.


Multiple conservancies in Kenya and wildlife management areas in Tanzania have been able to strengthen their management and enhance benefits to wildlife, people and businesses for STTA interventions.

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