Guiding sustainable tourism development in a destination

Kenya did not have a guideline to support sustainable management of micro-destinations and this impacted on country competitiveness, stability of micro-destinations and creation of shared value for all.

STTA consulted for Ecotourism Kenya in creating Kenya’s first green destination guidelines and among the first in Africa.


Destination sustainability is important not only for competitiveness but for supporting achievement of sustainable development goals in a country. Kenya did not have a framework that would guide private and public stakeholders in managing micro-destinations responsibly for the benefit of local communities, biodiversity, visitors and tourism investors.


STTA consulted with multiple stakeholders and reviewed different destination guidelines to come up with the Kenya Green Destination Guidelines. These guidelines are managed by Ecotourism Kenya and are specific to Kenya.


The Green Destination guidelines were piloted and found to be applicable to Kenya’s tourism context leading to its adoption and management by Ecotourism Kenya.

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