> Creating opportunities for local communities
to participate in the tourism value chain

Local community participation in the tourism value chain has been an important part of the development process, and is likely to be a key driver for sustainable destination development. However, local communities have challenges in utilizing their resources for tourism and partnering with tourism stakeholders for market access.

STTA worked with the Airbnb under the Africa Airbnb Academy to support local communities in Kilifi county to use technology in creating competitive and responsible tourism experiences.


Tourism has often been presented as a strategy for supporting local communities in developing countries to address income poverty. Local entrepreneurs in Kilifi county were under resourced in taking advantage of tourism development in Kilifi county, one of the most visited destination in Kenya.


STTA worked with Airbnb to train local entrepreneurs in Kilifi county in using the Airbnb platform to host and create enjoyable experiences for visitors. STTA also supported the beneficiaries in understanding and applying sustainable tourism business management practices during hosting or offering their experiences.


Multiple local entrepreneurs, most of the with low technology skills were able to list their accommodation and tourism experiences on the Airbnb marketplace.

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