Sustainability Managers

Sustainability managers in tourism

This course equips, enable and empowers you, by providing practical insights on an actionable sustainability framework that can be implemented for lasting change. It includes

Foundations of sustainable tourism management

  • Theoretical background on key areas for integration of sustainability into management and business operations

Simulation exercises for sustainability management

  • Access to practical tools and learning resources to guide sustainability management

Site visit/ case study

  • Apply what you learn in practical cases, with consultation from support from trainers


Essential plan (USD 150 p/p)Choice Plan (USD 250 p/p)Optimal Plan (USD 300 p/p)
7 step workshops on sustainability quality management systems, done in 2 daysTicksTicksTicks
Certificate of course attendanceTicksTicksTicks
Simulation exercises on implementing sustainabilityTicksTicks
Practical business tools for sustainabilityTicksTicks
Post training consultation on the business tools for sustainabilityTicks
Discounted Pricing for modular trainingsTicksTicksTicks
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