Capacity Building for Community Conserved Areas

STTA has over the years worked with community development organizations, conservancies and conservancy associations to support good governance and sustainable management of conservancies for impact. The engagements have focused on capacity building, monitoring and skills development in managing common-pool resources.


Balancing conservation objectives, social justice objectives and sustainable development objectives has been a challenge to community and group conservancies in Kenya. These challenges are a threat to livelihoods of thousands of communities who have adopted conservation as a land use.


STTA has developed an approach to achieve community readiness for setting up community conserved areas. It has programs for building capacity of landowners to co-managed their natural assets for economic and social gain.  This is supported by training in governance and management, strategies for effective community engagement and laws of wildlife governance. STTA has a unique approach/tools, using diverse benchmarks, for assessing impact of community conserved areas on natural, social and economic environment.


More than 15 Community conservancies in Masai Mara Kenya have benefited from STTA training in good governance, selecting correct legal instruments for registration of community companies that manage conservancies, developing partnership agreements with investors, tax and other obligations of conservancies, conflict management, and risks and opportunities for conservancies.

Conservancies have experienced stability and growth and many are in maturity stages, delivering on economic, social and environmental ambitions.  

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