As travel resumes in many countries, it’s crucial that we find a balance between allowing for the benefits of tourism—its power to provide opportunities to vulnerable communities and to preserve historic and wild places—but also to mitigate its damage, to culture and to our environment.  In Season 2’s final episode of the #IndagareGlobalConversations podcast, Indagare CEO Melissa Biggs Bradley talks with travel experts and thought leaders in conservation and sustainability about Covid’s tumultuous impact and how it’s reshaping the new travel landscape and the destinations we love (and how we experience them).

Guests include:
–  of The Conscious Travel Foundation
– Judy Kepher-Gona, Sustainable Tourism Advisor-Founder, Sustainable Travel Tourism Agenda STTA
– Paula VlamingsTourism Cares, Chief Impact Officer??
– Arnaud ZannierZannier Hotels Founder

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