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Why experts are considering sustainability rather than reigniting growth, to restore tourism.

fter a lost year for tourism, governments seem compelled to restore the sector which was pivotal for economic growth. Closure of tourism businesses, and massive job losses, meant a reduction in income tax revenue for African countries heavily dependent on tourism. Should we therefore restore tourism at all costs, just not to lose out tourist

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Funding & Policies

Digitization in tourism

Introduction. Digital transformation has a profound impact, entirely changing the way people live, work, travel and do business, and in the process, they are transforming and reshaping tourism. The scope and uptake of digital technologies varies across countries, sectors, organizations and places. The resulting opportunities and barriers create an uneven playing field, which is exacerbated

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Destination Development

Tourism Entrepreneurship in Africa

Over the past decade, tourism has gradually become a key driver for economic growth through creation of employment in emerging economies across the Africa continent and the world. Notably, tourism in Africa is experiencing steady growth and as a result, it has enabled the development of ancillary and other tourism support businesses. Women and other

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